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uk chart polyphonic ring tonesLatest
uk chart polyphonic ring tonesUK Charts
popular polyphonic ring tonesMost Popular
pop polyphonic ring tonesPop
dance polyphonic ring tonesDance
tv and film polyphonic ring tonesTV/Film
indie polyphonic ring tonesIndie
rap polyphonic ring tonesRap
games polyphonic ring tonesGames
fun polyphonic ring tonesFun
oldies polyphonic ring tonesOldies
r and b polyphonic ring tonesR & B
football polyphonic ring tonesFootball
anthems polyphonic ring tonesAnthems
christmas polyphoinic ring tonesChristmas

True Tones:
R & B
Celebrity Alerts

Mono ring tones:

uk chart ring tonesLatest
uk chart ring tonesUK Chart
popular ring tonesMost Popular
dance ring tonesDance
classical ring tonesClassical
football ring tonesFootball
fun ring tonesFun
indian ring tonesIndian
oldies ring tonesOldies
pop ring tonesPop
rap ring tonesRap
occasions ring tonesOccasions
heavy metal ring tonesHeavy Metal
indie ring tonesIndie
films ring tonesFilms
rock ring tonesRock
games ring tonesGames
anthems ring tonesAnthems
r and b ring tonesR & B

Java Games:

nokia 3410 java games3410 Java Games
nokia 3650 java games3650 Java Games
nokia 5100 java games5100 Java Games
nokia 6100 java games6100 Java Games
nokia 6610 java games6610 Java Games
nokia 7210 java games7210 Java Games
nokia 7250 java games7250 Java Games
nokia 7650 java games7650 Java Games
nokia 8910i java games8910i Java Games
nokia 3510i java games3510i Java Games
nokia 3510i java games6310i Java Games
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What is a ring tone?
A ringtone is a basic music file, usually sent via sms, that can be added to your phones selection of ringing melodies. You can order your favourite chart music in ring tone format from our site, have a look at Latest Ring Tones Ring Tones, Anthems Ring Tones or Christmas Ring Tones to see and listen to some examples.

What is a logo?
An operator logo is a small image file which can replace the standard operator name displayed on your mobile handset. Please note that if you change networks, your operator logo will no longer be visible. You can order logos from our site.

How can I get ring tones for my mobile phone?
Simple, just click on the name of the ring tone you would like on our site then follow the instructions. You can use our order hotline, credit card or sms to get your tone.

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Operator Logos:

star sign logosStar Signs
wwf logosWWF
tattoo logosTattoos
sport logosSport
clubbing logosClubbing
names logosNames
music logosMusic
love logosLove
football logosFootball
film and tv logosFilm & TV
eyes logosEyes
tech logosTech
animals logosAnimals
varios logosVarious

Picture Messages:

tattoo picture messagesTattoos
faces picture messagesFaces
greetings picture messagesGreetings
music picture messagesMusic
love picture messagesLove
occasions picture messagesOccasions
animals picture messagesAnimals
various picture messagesVarious

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